Mary Ellen Bartley

October 7

from 800.00

Seascapes, BEACH LANE

Small 12x18 image size $ 800

Framed 17x23 (UV plexi) $ 975
              Edition of 10

Medium 28x42 image size $2000
    Framed 35x49 (UV plexi $2650
                  Edition of 7

Large 35x53.5 image size $3800

            Framed 43.5x 61 (UV plexi) $4700

            Edition of  7


Beach Lane Series, October 7 (2010)

the images are printed on a german photo paper and leaves a 3" border all around,  which is dry mounted to the edge of the frame,  no matt. f

Non-Glare Glazing Options

Small 17x23
Museum Glass:                    $1050
Optium Museum Plexi:     $1150

Medium 28x42
Museum Glass:                    $2850
Optium Museum Plexi:     $3200

Large 43.5x 61
Museum Glass(* note heavy) $5000
Optium Museum Plexi:     $5300

for framing and shipping options please contact us


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